Guidelines for General Submissions

Please Do Not Submit without reading our guidelines first.

Submissions that do not follow guidelines risk being rejected unread.

Individual Poems are considered for publication as broadsides only, although we may, on occasion, contact you to recommend they be submitted to another publisher or journal for which we think they are a better match.   We look for well-crafted poetry in any style and on any subject.  We expect poems who use rhymed and metered verse or traditional forms of any kind to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in their chosen style. Syllabic or free-verse poetry is expected to skillfully use poetic devices and to have both sound and imagistic appeal.  Please note that no poetry or poetry-related manuscripts will be returned, so keep a copy of the original. Also, please note  that email submissions are preferred and may be sent to . Due to space limitations and visual aesthetics, , we generally only accept shorter poems of 30 lines or less.  Please submit poems in groups of three to five poems as  a single Word, rich text, or doc. attachment .  Each  poem should be on a separate page within your attachment.   Please use a 12 pt. font in a standard style  (Garamond, Arial, or Times New Roman). Make certain you your name, snail mail address, telephone, and email address appear on each poem. Previously published poems are acceptable as long as you have reproduction rights and provide  proper acknowledgement.

 You may include proposed artwork as separate jpg attachments, but Palettes & Quills reserves the right to choose its own artists, size and/or designs for any broadside publications. 

Poems submitted by snail mail should be typed in a standard font or computer printed on 81/2" x 11" white paper without artwork, photographs, or other embellishments.  Each poem should be on a separate page and include all contact information noted above.  If you wish to submit suggested artwork, you should enclose separate  photographs or high quality  scanned copies.  Originals of poems and/or artwork will not be returned. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (with a "Forever" stamp) for a response.  We may request signatures on a limited number of published copies.

We will try to respond to you as quickly as possible, but allow at least three months before contacting us again for a follow-up. Do not submit unsolicited poems more than once per year.

Payment: 10 free copies of the published broadside plus an author's discount on the purchase of additional copies.

Chapbook Manuscripts are only accepted as hardcopies. Manuscript page length should be between 15-30 pages. Poems must be typed on 8 1/2" x 11" white paper and bound with a spring clip. Use a standard 12 pt font, such as Garamond, Arial, or New Times Roman.  Do not include illustrations. Do not include photocopies of poems from magazines or journals. Please submit only one copy of your manuscript. Please do not submit your only copy.

A complete submission should include:

Manuscripts by multiple authors (collaborations and anthologies) are acceptable.  Translations are not.  All manuscripts are expected to be in English although occasional foreign words or expressions may be used if understandable within the context of the material.

Payment: 20 free copies of the published chapbook and an author's discount on the purchase of additional copies.  For collaborative projects  the complimentary copies will be divided between the authors.  (e.g. two authors - 10 copies each; 3 authors  6 copies each plus 2 extra)  For anthologies with large numbers of contributors, it is strongly suggested that a query letter letter be sent  prior to a manuscript being produced.  Although we will consider finished manuscripts of high quality, especially if it targets underrepresented groups of poets (e.g. seniors, the disabled, specific ethnic groups, etc.), our preference is to have open "calls for submission" anthologies that we would assist in advertising on our website and through our email lists. Please note, we will not publish anthologies for which a reading fee has been levied by the editor.

Calls for Submssion.  From time to time, Palettes & Quills will put out an open call for submission for themed poems for inclusion in one of its own anthologies.  Please note that these calls for specific submissions constitute the bulk of our publications and may specify  additional criteria for submissions in terms of theme, structure, form, topic or style. These calls will generally be open to anyone, anywhere, any age.  However, on occasion the calls will target specific groups of poets (e.g. persons with disabilities, prisoners, youth, seniors, etc.) but within these groups,  submissions will  be open to anyone within that group.)

For our general publications there are  no reading fees or any obligation to purchase finished products.  We only charge fees for contest submissions where there is a cash prize and noted judge.

We do appreciate your purchasing our publications in support of our work and, like many other presses,  recommend obtaining a copy of at least one  our chapbooks or broadsides to get a better feel for our aesthetics and preferences.

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